Joakim Dahlberg

+46 705153072

Joakim Dahlberg is a Master Mariner with a solid shipping background, experienced as a seagoing Master in the DFDS fleet and as an Officer with Star Cruises. Joakim was recruited to Brax Shipping in 2014.

Lars Hallengren

+46 703084260

Lars Hallengren is a Master Mariner, also having studied Industrial Marketing. He has previously sailed as Second and Chief Officer. In 1996 he continued his career ashore, adding experiences as Head of Operations and as Director of a ship brokerage to his résumé. Lars was recruited to Brax Shipping in 2008.

Johan Brax

Managing Director
+46 705912920

Johan Brax, Managing Director, holds a Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration. He joined Brax Shipping in 1995 after having launched Braxinvest’s activities in Poland.

Rezvan Ahmadi

+46 31 183200

Rezvan Ahmadi holds a Master degree in law from the Azad University in Boosher, Iran and has previously been with the legal department of the National Iranian Oil Company, handling its tanker ships credit portfolio. From November 2018 Rezvan has an internship at Brax Shipping

Josefine Ågren

+46 723333135

Josefine Ågren holds a Bachelor in Shipping and Logistics and has sea-going experience from companies such as Stena Line and Transatlantic. Previously she worked as an area manager within the CMA CGM group in France, and in August 2016 Josefine was recruited to Brax Shipping.

Sven-Olof Brax

+46 705 849643

Sven-Olof Brax founded Brax Shipping in 1982. He is a Sea Captain and a Master of Economics and Business Administration. He has experience from many years at sea, as well as from positions as Marketing and Operations Manager and Managing Director within Johnson Line, Transatlantic, Thunrederierna and the Johansson Group.

Lotta Andersson

Chief Accountant
+46 707 653123

Lotta Andersson, Chief Accountant, joined Brax Shipping in 1989.

Gustav Brax

+46 705 866988

Gustav Brax is a Master Mariner with many years experience of captaining merchant ships. He divides his time between the office, consulting in the area of ship operations, and active sea service.